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    Why Do Lightning Cables Break So Easily?

    • 3 min read

    Remember when the charging cable you got with the new phone would outlast the device? Now they don't even last till the warranty. A good example is Apple’s lightning cable that breaks very quickly, even though Apple prides itself on delivering the best quality products. Let’s find out why this happens.

    • Reason Why Lightning Cables Break So Easily 

    In 2010, Apple said goodbye to 30-pin, and Lightning cable became Apple's main connector. When Apple introduced the lightning connector, Phil Schiller said: “So much has changed since we first created the 30-pin connector.” Now the same is true for lightning cables. Seven years later, it is on only two devices: iPhones and lower-end iPads.

    In 2018, Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro with the USB-C port instead of lightning. Though most of Apple’s recent launches support USB type C, some iPads and iPhones still come with lightning to USB-A cable. Why did Apple feel the need to introduce new types of connectors to the recent devices? Probably because Apple's old conductors have become fragmented.

    As an iPhone user, you must have noticed that today’s lightning cables are not as sturdy and break easily. The reason why these cables break so easily is that the cable splits or frays. Since the male connector is easily bendable, it is more susceptible to breakage. Hence, the cords have become too fragile. Thus, these cables’ whole design is flawed and needs a massive upgrade – especially in strength and durability. 

    • Get Tough Lightning Cables by Syncwire 

    To avoid the hassle of buying a new Apple’s lightning cable every other day, get one tough enough to tolerate day to day abuse without breaking so easily. Save yourself the trouble of researching, and try Syncwire cables.

    Syncwire offers tough accessories in the market. Syncwire designs and manufactures durable, long-lasting, and certified cables and other mobile phone accessories to enhance your everyday experience. 

    Here are some reasons why you should invest in Syncwire lightning cables:

    1. MFi Certified

    MFi stands for Made For iPho, which means that Apple approves the cable’s charging and data transfer capabilities. All Syncwire lightning cables are MFi Certified to ensure that you will get a reliable, safe, and durable product.

    2. Lightning Speed 

    All Syncwire charging cables come with the original C89 lighting chip by Apple. This allows your cable to pair with the latest Apple devices without any inconvenience. 

    3. Built to Withstand Wear and Tear 

    Syncwire lightning cables are made up of high-quality material. It comprises upgraded aluminum alloy parts with secondary polishing oxidation technology for heavy use.

    4. Safe to Use 

    Syncwire cables meet the health, safety, and environmental requirements of UL, CE, and FCC.

    5. 90 Days Free Trial

    If you are not satisfied with your Syncwire lightning cable, you can simply return it within the first 90 days of purchase. 

    • Best Syncwire Lightning Cables

    All Syncwire cables last long because of their sturdy design. They also come with a lifetime warranty. Once you give Syncwire a try, it will become your brand of choice for lightning cables and all mobile phone accessories.

    Say goodbye to chargers that work for a month before they tear or simply stop working. These cables can put up with everyday wear and tear without any splits or frays.

    So, try any of these two lightning cables by Syncwire to replace your broken one. You won’t have to buy another lightning cable for a long time!                       

    Syncwire Lightning Cable Nylon

    Unlike your normal nylon cable with standard rope braiding, Syncwire lightning cable has a translucent braiding pattern. This cable is robust and ensures that your device is always charged up. The nylon braided cover paired with bullet-proof fiber makes this cable long-lasting. It has a 30000+ bend lifetime – 6 times more than the original Apple cable. Thus, you won't buy a new cable any time soon!

    Syncwire Lightning Cable

    This lightning cable is built with the original C48 terminal and smart chip from Apple. It is tested on different apple devices to make sure you receive a hassle-free charging experience. It will charge or sync data with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod perfectly. These cables have high-quality plastic cloth jackets and ultra-durable aramid fiber core to ensure ultra-durability. The charging cord gives a 12000+ bend lifespan. No matter how you use it, it will last you a long time.


    Syncwire lightning cables will remain intact. Whether you twist, trod on, step on, rollover an office chair, or leave the cables on the dashboard to bake in the sun, they'll survive. But this is just regular abuse that any cable has to face. Even if you deliberately tried breaking Syncwire cables, they would withstand any durability test. They are truly unbreakable! 

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