Syncwire Shield Screen Protector for iPhone 3 Pack
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Featuring stronger shatter resistance, this screen protector ensures your iPhone stays intact. It has been tested by dropping a 64 G steel ball from a height of 3.3 ft. However, on the rare occasion; a higher impact can crack your screen. Fortunately, the 9H hardness ensures that the screen doesn’t break completely but rather sticks together. This tempered glass screen protector from the famous brand the Syncwire is bubble free and boasts a high level of sensitivity. Besides, it possesses a special oleophobic coating to enhance anti-fingerprint performance.

——By AmaPerfect in Top 10 Best Apple iPhone XS Screen Protectors in 2019 Reviews

What You Get: Screen-Alignment Frame, 3*Wet Wipes, 3*Dust-Removal Stickers and 3* Guide Stickers. You can perfectly apply the screen protector with no experience needed.

Open Edge Design: Will never blur your front-camera. And it creates ZERO interference with Face ID. Wear your favorite phone case and keep your screen protected at the same time!

6X STRONGER: 6 times of tempered time, this iPhone XR screen protector can withstand the impact of a falling 22lbs. steel ball from the height of 3ft. 9H Hardness Screen Protector keeps your screen safe from any keys, coins, and even knives in your pocket.

ULTRA-CLEAR: 99. 9% Transparency. Coated with hydrophobic and oleo phobic clear layers, the glass protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints, keeping your phone screen spotless over long-term use.

Will there be bubbles after installation of this screen protector?

This screen protector is designed to avoid bubbles with its open edges and quick adhesive material. 

If air bubbles are generated in rare occasions, you can press the bubble area with the lint-free cloth provided and move them toward the nearest edges or gently lift the screen protector to let the air out and reapply the screen protector. 

If you still need help, please reach us at or drop us a message @syncwire via FB messenger. 

What if the screen protector cracks?

The screen protector is meant to protect your phone, it can withstand the force of a falling 22lbs. steel ball from the height of 3ft without breaking, and is 6 times stronger than common tempered glasses. Under strong impact or high drops, this screen protector will break to protect the screen of your phone. It breaks to protect, and if you are still under warranty period, feel free to come to us and get a new screen protector.

Does the screen protector hinder the use of phone camera?

This screen protector is not a full cover one. It leaves the edge parts open to have a full alignment and to not blur your phone camera. We also have full cover ones, you can search in the store "syncwire screen protector full cover" to find it. 


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