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What do I get from the reward program?
  • DAYS90
    90-day Free Return
  • 20%
    20% Lifetime Discount
  • Get Free New Products
  • lifetime
    Lifetime Free Replacement
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  • Question : Can I add my member-only discount with other discounts?
    Answer : The member-only discount cannot be used together with other discounts.
  • Question : Do I need to pay to join in?
    Answer : No, it’s totally FREE to join our Advantage Program.
  • Question : How can I cancel my member account?
    Answer : Cancel your member account anytime by contacting our support team.
  • Question : Will my personal information be kept confidential?
    Answer : Syncwire is committed to protecting our customer's privacy. We do not sell, lease, rent or otherwise disclose your personal data to third parties.
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