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Warranty Info

Register Your Warranty:

Syncwire offers a 12-month warranty for products purchased through authorized channels. Additionally, we offer a 24-month Bonus Warranty Program to all customers that register through Syncwire website or Syncwire Facebook Page Messenger.


How to Enroll

1. Via Facebook Messenger

Please tap here and we will send you to Facebook Messenger. You can finish the registration within 1 minute by following the simple process.

For any further questions about our products, you can easily reach us via Facebook Messenger immediately.

2. Via Email

If you don’t own a Facebook account, please send us an email containing your order id and email address to register your Bonus Warranty. We will confirm your registration within one business day.

Our support team is at your service at


Replacement and Refund Policy

Syncwire warrants to replace or refund any product proven to be defective throughout the warranty period following the purchase with exceptions listed below:

Gifts without order ID

Refunded purchases

Stolen purchases

Purchases from unauthorized channels such as second-hand deals platforms, Amazon EU S.a.r.L, etc.

Please Note:

All replacement do not have new warranties attached but will be covered by the warranties of the original purchases. 

Buyers mush provide suffcient proof of purchase. Purchase proofs including order number (order id) made from online purchases or sales invoices made from offline purchases.

Syncwire may ask for more than one type of purchase proofs and may require returning an item for defection inspection. 


How to Process Your Warranty

1. Via Facebook Messenger

We are dedicated to provide a responsive after-sale service for our customers. That is why we have built our online chatting service mechanism.

Tap here and we will send you to our Facebook Messenger real-time chatting bot and walk you through the warranty claim process within one minute.

We also have human support standby at Facebook Messenger, so if you find a help needed, please clicking on “Talk to Human” button at Messenger and we will rush to your aid as fast as we can (typically reply within one business day).

2. Via Email

If you don’t have a Facebook account, please send us your warranty claim via support email and we will help you solving the problem within one business day.

Our support team is at your service at

3. Via Seller Platform

Customers who bought Syncwire products through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay can also contact Syncwire directly via respective built-in message channel. Please make sure that you didn't block the sellers' messages. 


About Lifetime Warranty

Since Jan 2018, Syncwire has changed its warranty policy from lifetime warranty to 12-month plus 24-month bonus warranty due to fierce market competition pressure. For customers bought under lifetime warranty promise (having lifetime warranty info printed on their product packages), we will keep our promise and honor your lifetime warranty.

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