3-Pack HD 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone XR

  • Stronger Shatter Resistance - Syncwire iPhone XR tempered glass screen protector can withstand the impact of a falling 64g steel ball from the height of 3.3ft. On rare occasion, a high impact may crack the screen but the 4-Hour reinforced 9H hardness technology ensures the glass sticks together.
  • Bubble Free & Anti-fingerprint - Syncwire iPhone XR screen protector will self-expel air bubble when automatically bonding with the screen. The oleophobic coating is thickened and has excellent abrasion performance, so fingerprints won't stay on the surface over long-term use.
  • Innovative Protection for Face ID - Considering Face ID is the key to your iPhone XR, Syncwire designs an iPhone XR coverage screen protector with sophisticated 2.5D curved edges cut out, which means it will thoroughly protect iPhone XR's OLED display, especially for Face ID. And it creates ZERO interference with Face ID. Curved edge design also allows almost all cases to fit your iPhone XR.

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