S/PDIF RCA to RCA Coaxial Digital Audio Cable



  • Subwoofer Cable With Zero Humming - With Syncwire's single RCA male to single RCA male cable, you can remove the humming noise coming from your audio. This cable is great for connecting audio components with a single RCA port/jack, such as a subwoofer speaker to a stereo receiver, an audio component, or a surround sound system.
  • Superior Sound Quality - Foamed PE-enameled copper wires, polished gold-plated connectors, and the double shielding of aluminum foil and copper braid deliver flawless, noise-free, and optimum sound.
  • Excellent Durability - Polished corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors can withstand 10,000+ of plugging and unplugging. Additionally, the aluminum shell of Syncwire RCA-to-RCA cable can effectively prevent the connectors from loosening, breaking, or falling off. The nylon jacket and TPE coating contrive to ultra-durability and flexible performance.

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