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    The car charger for your next road trip

    Looking for the perfect car charger with two fasting charging ports that can quickly charge phones and tablets, small size, low price, and with good support?

    Well, this compact, inexpensive car charger with Power Delivery and Quick Charger fast charging protocols gets it all. Pick it today with free shipping.

    Air Vent Mount &Universal Phone Holder

    Attached with air vent mount and universal mount so you choose your favorite intallation spot. No need to place metal plate on your phone and easy to put in or take off with one hand. Tension-arm design with strong grip, no shaking even on bumpy roads.

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  • “The Syncwire 4-port USB charger plug does exactly what you ask of it and we'd happily recommend it to anyone looking to condense 4 separate charger plugs down into one.”
  • Syncwire’s new MFi certified Lightning cable hopes to be the last that someone might need to buy, going as far to say that it’s the “the toughest cable on the market today”.
  • “The wires housed in the cable all have their own rubber sleeve, so even if the jacket gets severely damaged they should remain insulated, which is important.”
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    Car phone holders aren’t just important only for the Uber drivers, but every one of us who drives cars needs one. More often than not, you’ll find yourself using your mobile phone while driving for texting, using maps, or simply choosing the next song you want to be played. 

    • 4 min read

    We always carry our phones everywhere with us: morning commute, dinner table, at work, even in the bathroom. Your mobile phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. So don’t expect your phone case to be any cleaner. With the new coronavirus spreading, it's better to take precautions than to be exposed to sorts of bacterial and dirt.

    And in this article, we give you the 4 best ways you can use to clean your own phone case!

    • 3 min read
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