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5 Must-Have Equipments For Vlog

5 Must-Have Equipments For Vlog

With the rise of digital media, vlogging (video blogging) has become one of the popular ways for people to share their lives, experiences and insights. Whether you are a novice or an experienced vlogger, having the right tools is key to ensuring the quality of your video content.

In this article, we will introduce the top five essential tools for shooting vlogs to help you stand out in the vlogging world.

  • Camera equipment:

Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, etc. are the basic equipment for shooting vlogs. It is crucial to choose a device that can meet your needs; it should have good video shooting quality, stable picture and a look that suits your style.

  • Microphone:

Good audio quality can enhance the professionalism of your Vlog. An external microphone captures clearer sound and avoids noise and echoes. Choose a microphone that suits the scene you're shooting and make sure your voice sounds clean and clear.

  • Lighting equipment:

Shooting in the right light can make your video look more vivid and professional. Whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors, you should consider the effect of light on your images. The right lighting equipment can help you control the light and ensure a bright and even picture.

  • Cell phone tripod:

Cell phone tripod is a powerful tool in Vlog shooting, which can help you shoot the video stably and adjust the shooting angle provides many styles of cell phone tripods, which are characterized by good stability and portability, and are one of the ideal choices when shooting Vlog.

  • Video editing software:

Video editing software is one of the indispensable tools for making vlogs. It can help you edit the video, add subtitles, adjust colors and so on to make your video look more professional. Choosing an easy-to-use and feature-rich video editing software will help improve your production efficiency.

1. Camera equipment

Camera equipment is one of the core tools for shooting vlogs, and different types of equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages.



Smartphone Advantages:


  • Smartphones are easy to carry and can be used for shooting anytime and anywhere, which is perfect for Vloggers' shooting needs in outdoor, traveling or daily life.


  • Most smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras and rich shooting features, which can shoot HD videos and support auto-focus, video stabilization and other functions.


  • Video editing and sharing can be done directly on the phone, which is easy and fast to operate.




  • Compared with professional cameras, smartphones have smaller lens and sensor sizes, which may not perform well in low-light environments and have relatively poor image quality.


  • Lack of professional-grade manual control functions, such as adjusting aperture, shutter speed, etc..


  • The lens angle of view is relatively fixed, making it difficult to achieve creative effects for specific shooting needs.



  • For beginners or Vloggers who want to record their lives at any time, smartphones are a very good choice. Choose a cell phone brand with a quality camera and video capabilities, such as iPhone, Google Pixel, and so on.


  • Pay attention to the lighting situation when shooting and try to choose a well-lit environment to improve the picture quality.

Camera Advantages:


  • Cameras are usually equipped with larger sensors and high-quality lenses, which can capture clearer and higher-quality video footage, especially in low-light environments.


  • With richer manual control functions, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc., you can adjust the shooting effect more flexibly.


  • Different lenses can be replaced to meet the needs of different shooting scenes and realize more diverse creative shooting.




  • The camera is relatively bulky and heavy, not as convenient to carry as a cell phone, and needs to be carried and protected separately.


  • The learning curve is steeper and requires more knowledge and skills, so beginners may need some time to familiarize themselves with the camera and master its operation.


  • Higher price, the cost of the camera itself and its accessories is relatively high.




  • The camera is an ideal choice for Vloggers who are looking for high quality video footage and have some shooting experience. Choose a camera brand and model that suits your needs, such as Canon, Nikon and Sony.


  • When shopping for a camera, consider your shooting needs and budget, and choose the right sensor size, lens type, etc.


  • When choosing camera equipment, Vloggers should make a suitable choice according to their shooting needs, skill level and budget. Whether it's a smartphone or a camera, both have their unique advantages and applicable scenarios. The key is to buy the right equipment for you to improve video quality and shooting efficiency.


2. Microphone

Microphone plays a crucial role in recording Vlog, its role is not only to capture the sound, but also one of the keys to improve the video quality and viewing experience.


Improve the sound quality:


  • The quality of microphone directly affects the clarity and quality of the sound in the video. A good microphone can accurately capture sound, avoid noise and echo, and make the recorded sound sound more natural and clear.


  • In a vlog, the clarity and quality of the sound is crucial to conveying the message and engaging the audience. A quality microphone can make your voice more attractive and add to the professional feel and viewing experience of the video.


Recommended microphone types:


External Microphone:


  • External microphones are one of the most common types of microphones used to capture sound by attaching to a camera, cell phone, or recording device. They usually have higher sound quality and flexibility, and can provide better recording results.


  • Suitable for vloggers to use during filming, they can be used to record clear sound by connecting to a camera or cell phone. Choose an external microphone that fits the interface of your device, such as 3.5mm jack, Lightning port or USB port.


Wireless microphone:


  • Wireless microphones offer greater filming flexibility as they do not need to be directly connected to the device, allowing vloggers to move freely during filming without the constraints of cables.


  • Ideal for vlogging scenes that require a wide range of movement or require a higher degree of freedom, such as outdoor shoots and sports scenes. Choose a reliable wireless microphone to ensure stable signal transmission and clear recording effect.


Handheld microphone:


  • Handheld microphone is a simple and practical type of microphone suitable for vloggers to conduct live interviews or interactions during shooting to provide clearer sound.


  • They usually have good directionality, which effectively suppresses noise from the surrounding environment and ensures that the recorded sound is clear and audible. Choose a comfortable and easy-to-use handheld microphone to ensure flexibility and comfort during filming.

When choosing the right microphone for Vlog recording, you need to consider the shooting scene, shooting needs and equipment compatibility to ensure that the recorded sound is clear, natural and professional.

3. Lighting

Lighting equipment plays a crucial role in Vlog shooting, which can effectively improve the brightness and color of the picture, thus enhancing the quality and attractiveness of the video.

selfie lighting

The importance of lighting in Vlog:

  • Lighting is one of the key factors affecting video quality. Good lighting can improve the brightness and contrast of the picture and make the video look clearer and more vivid.


  • Proper lighting can improve skin color and details, make the subject look more beautiful and enhance the viewing experience of the audience.


  • In different shooting environments, such as indoor, outdoor or low-light conditions, proper lighting equipment can help Vloggers control the light and make the video image more even and stable.

Recommended lighting equipment suitable for Vlog :


Ring light:

  • Ring light is a round LED light fixture with a hollow center, which can make the light shine evenly on the subject and produce a soft and natural light effect.


  • Ring light is suitable for close-up shooting, such as portrait shooting or product display, which can reduce shadows, highlight the outline of the subject, and make the picture brighter and more vivid.

Recommended products: Neewer Ring Light Kit, Syncwire Ring Light, etc.


LED light board:


  • LED light board is a rectangular rectangular LED light source, can provide uniform, soft light, suitable for a variety of shooting scenes.


  • LED light panels are usually equipped with the function of adjusting brightness and color temperature, so that the intensity and color of light can be adjusted according to the need to meet different shooting needs.


  • Suitable for shooting scenes that require large area lighting, such as indoor shooting, portrait shooting, etc.

Recommended products: Aputure AL-M9, GVM LED Video Light Panel, etc.


Honeycomb Light:

  • Honeycomb light is a kind of light fixture with a spotlight effect, which can produce a more concentrated and softer light, highlighting the subject and reducing the interference of the surrounding environment.


  • Honeycomb light is suitable for shooting scenes that need to highlight the subject, such as portrait shooting or product shooting, which can reduce the background clutter and highlight the subject.

Recommended products: Godox LEDP120C, Falcon Eyes F7 Pocket RGB LED Light and so on.

4. Cell phone tripod

The importance of cell phone tripods in Vlog shooting cannot be underestimated. They provide a stable shooting platform for vloggers, allowing them to freely adjust the shooting angle and create more attractive video content. offers a variety of styles of cell phone tripods, which have excellent stability and portability, making them one of the ideal choices for vlogging.


Syncwire cell phone tripods have the following features:


  • Stable: Syncwire cell phone tripods are made of high-quality materials with a solid structure, which can support the cell phone stably and effectively prevent shaking and jittering during shooting, ensuring clear and stable video images.


  • Flexible Adjustment: These tripods are designed to be flexible, with a wide range of adjustable angles, allowing vloggers to easily adjust the shooting angle to capture the best picture.


  • Portability: Mobile phone tripods are compact, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for outdoor shooting and traveling. They are foldable and storable, easy to carry, and can support your Vlog shooting anytime and anywhere.


  • Multiple styles to choose from: A variety of styles of cell phone tripods are available, including desktop, telescopic, flexible, etc., to meet the shooting needs of different Vloggers.

To sum up, Syncwire's cell phone tripods offer excellent stability and portability, making them one of the ideal choices for Vlog shooting. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, shooting static shots or moving shots,'s mobile tripods can provide stable and reliable support for your Vlog shooting and help you create more attractive and professional video content.

5. Video editing software

Video editing software plays an indispensable role in making vlogs. They provide rich functions including editing videos, adding subtitles, adjusting colors, adding special effects, etc. to help Vloggers create more professional and attractive video content. Choosing an easy-to-use and feature-rich video editing software can improve production efficiency and make it easier for you to create high-quality vlogs.

Video editing software

Here are a few recommended video editing software for vlogging:


Adobe Premiere Pro:


  • Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful, professional-level video editing software widely used in the field of movie production and video post-production.


  • It provides a wealth of editing, special effects, color grading and other functions to meet a variety of complex video editing needs.


  • Although the learning curve is steep, once mastered, it is capable of achieving a higher level of video editing results.


Final Cut Pro:


  • Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing software from Apple, designed for the Mac platform.


  • It has an intuitive user interface and rich features, including multi-track editing, color correction, audio processing and so on.


  • Final Cut Pro has excellent performance optimization and stability performance, which is suitable for users who have certain requirements on video editing.




  • iMovie is a free video editing software provided by Apple for Mac and iOS devices.


  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and basic video editing functions, including editing, adding audio, adding subtitles and so on.


  • iMovie is suitable for novice or light users and provides enough features to create simple yet beautiful Vlog videos.


DaVinci Resolve:


  • DaVinci Resolve is a free professional-grade video editing software with powerful editing, color grading and special effects features.


  • It provides a complete workflow from editing to color correction to audio processing for users who have certain requirements for video editing.


  • The free version of DaVinci Resolve is enough to meet the needs of most Vloggers, it is a cost-effective video editing software.

Above are a few recommended video editing software suitable for making Vlogs. Choose a suitable editing software according to your own needs and skill level, and master its use, which will greatly improve your video production level and efficiency.



Shooting a Vlog requires the support of multiple skills and tools, and choosing the right tool is the key to ensure the quality of your video. By having the five tools mentioned above, including camera equipment, microphone, lighting equipment, video editing software, and cell phone tripod, you will be able to produce more professional Vlog content and attract more viewers' attention and support.

Each tool has its unique role and can enhance the quality of your videos in different ways. Choosing the right tool that suits your needs and utilizing it well will bring more fun and sense of accomplishment to your vlog production.

Whether you want to improve the quality of picture, audio clarity, or add creative effects and post-editing, these tools can provide you with powerful support. I believe that with your hard work and creativity, persistent learning and improvement, your Vlog content will become more and more attractive, attracting more viewers and bringing you more attention and support.

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