Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand Compatible With MagSafe Cases

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Make charging your iPhone 12-15 easy and fun with the revolutionary.

MagSafe Wireless Charger. Keep your device securely in place with powerful magnetic attraction

And enjoy ultra-fast charging speeds that power up your device from 0-100% in just 2 hours and 34 minutes. (Only compatible with MagSafe-enabled cases)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Awesome device!

I love it, it’s simple and easy to use. Decent price, and it charges my phone pretty fast. I leave it over night to charge my phone. I love that the magnet is really strong and your phone connects to it pretty fast so there’s little guessing.

Hiram Bernard
Great product

It wonderful, Exactly what I needed, would definitely recommend it

Good magnetic charging stand!

This magnetic charging stand combined with the Mous magnetic phone case for my Pixel 7 Pro work well together. I like the ability to have my phone propped up for easy viewing while also charging wirelessly. The stand only works with a phone case that is designed to work with a wireless charger. If you don't have this type of phone case, you'll have to remove the case every time you want to charge it, which obviously is a real bummer.

Generic Customer
Almost perfect. Could be heavier?

Once Apple added the StandBy (aka Nightstand) Mode to my iPhone, I started hungering for an elevated charging stand. I'd resisted that — don't need more gizmos! — and just left my phone plugged in on the nightstand.Most of my complaints now are that the Apple feature set isn't ideal; I want more customization! My waking schedule changes often (working in retail, alas) so I'd love it if the next Alarm time was well-displayed — but, hey, that's Apple's fault, not a problem with this stand.I'm happy to report the incredible Peak Design iPhone case is perfectly mag-ready, or whatever the phrase is. It clicks right to the stand, and charging works great.Just one suggestions: the stand could be heavier. When I grab the phone intending to pull it off, the stand tends to lift off the night table with the phone. I have to kinda twist the stand down against the table to break the magnetic connection. Maybe I'll find some heavy circular hunk of metal and epoxy it to the bottom, as long as it doesn't mess with the aesthetics.

Brad Tarnopol
Fast strong charger

Love it!!!

works well

Like being able to use the iPhone landscape standby view while the phone charges overnight.Looks pretty sleek as well on my nightstand.

10 Watt output?

Looks great next to an iMac! Magnet holds up an iPhone 12 Pro with case.Charges and maintains 100% charge on iPhones. Pretty sturdy with only a slight wiggle up and down where the plate attaches to the base.Only issue I noticed is that a Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold3 charges slightly slower than on another 15 watt wireless charger, so I suspect it might only output 10 watts.4.5 stars!

Tamara Elssmann
Strong hold, charges well. Wish that the charging cable could be disconnected

Would like to be able to replace just the cable if needed, but it does not disconnect.

Well made

Well made item, looks great on my desk and the mag charger works perfectly

When you only need to charge your iPhone and don’t mind the 3’ cord

This was the right purchase for me. I only needed a MagSafe charger for my iPhone. No Apple Watch. No pods. And I had a spare AC power adapter (something many people complain about).The price was excellent and I’ve had good luck with Syncwire (I have one of their 4-socket USB adapter that’s seen constant use for 6 years, including several weeks in Spain). The magnet is strong enough to hold my iPhone 14 Pro with a MagSafe wood case and charge. It’s not so strong that it’s difficult to pull off - which I’ve read can be a problem with some units.There is ONE big detail to know when buying this product: the cord is only 3 feet long and NOT replaceable. The design seems geared for connecting to a MacBook or having by your computer. I bought mine for my bedside so I could use Standby mode on my phone at night (which I really love).It would have been better (for me at least) if it used a USB-C connector. That way I could use one of the many cables I already had. Since I knew this in advance I bought an extension cable to use before it arrived.The lack of a connector could be of concern if, unlike me, you plan to move this charger around a lot. The connection is fairly well protected but not reinforced (see photo) If the cord is ever severely damaged the device is dead.