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    Headphone Extension Cable 3.3ft/1 meter

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    • Benefit


      Syncwire 3. 5mm audio extension cable extends the audio connection between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, media players, smartphones, tablet, and any other 3. 5mm aux port equipped devices to your headphone, earphone, speaker, car stereo or home theater system, etc. The slim connector fits in almost all smartphone cases (except life proof case). The step-down design ensures a firm connection and smooth plugging and unplugging experience.


      24K gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise possible. Enameled copper wires provide the best conductivity and perfectly transmit sounds from your music player to headphones or speakers. No static or interference like wireless connection.


      Features soft nylon braided jacket, Sync wire audio extension cable has a 15000+ ultra-durable bend lifespan. A gold-plated connector avoids oxidation and corrosion. This extension cable can last for years of use.


      This AUX extension cable is a great solution to protect your devices 3. 5mm aux port from repeat plugging and unplugging. It's costly to buy a new device, while it's so easy to get a 3. 5mm auxiliary aux cable.

    • Support

      3-Year BS-Free warranty

      If your Syncwire product experiences any malfunctions in the first 3 years, we will replace or refund it for free.


      If you are not happy with your purchase within the first 90 days of purchase, feel free to return it with no cost charged.

      Free shipping

      We offer free shipping to the US, UK, and EU countries (doesn’t support parcel tracking for free shipping outside the US).

    • Tech Specs

      ● Product length:3.3ft/1 meter

      ● Weight: 1.06 Ounces

      ●Syncwire aux extension cord is compatible with all devices with a 3.5mm audio port, like:

      • Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 P/SE/5s/5c/5/4s/4, iPod, iPad, iPad Pro/Air 2/3/Mini
      • Samsung Galaxy s2/s3/s4/s5/s6/s6 Edge/s7/s7 Edge, Note 2/3/4/5, Note Edge,
      • HTC M8/M9, Sony, Android, Google Nexus smartphones and tablets,
      • Microsoft Surface, portable speakers, headphones, MP3 players,
      • Receivers, Home Hi-Fi or car stereos, Smart TV, PC, Walkman, Discman & more.

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    Since its inception in 2013, Syncwire has been committed to providing top-quality mobile phone accessories that make our customers' daily life easier. We are proud of our products and even more so of our service. We value long-term friendship with our customers and are happy to see that Syncwire products have become part of millions' people's daily life. Syncwire is ever-growing and refining itself to be a better friend. 

    We offer Free Shipping to all orders, and there is more than that. Your Syncwire products will be protected by a 3-year warranty. Plus if you don't feel happy about this purchase within 90 days, just contact us at support@syncwire.com to ask for a replacement or a refund. 

    Headphone Extension Cable 3.3ft/1 meter
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