Magnetic Phone Mount for Car Air Vent - Flexible Rotation

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Color: Black (Carbon Fiber)


Expertly Designed SYNCWIRE MagSafe Car Mount: Crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant plastic and an extended metal hook for stability and durability. Features a sleek metallic finish.

Strong Magnetic Hold with N52 Magnets: Fitted with 16 N52-grade neodymium magnets for a secure grip. Magnetic strength up to 25N (2.5 kg) ensures your phone stays in place, even on rough roads. Compatible with iPhone 13-15 series and MagSafe cases. For iPhone 11-12, use MagSafe cases or metal rings.

Durable Metal Hook & Safe Clamp Design: The longer metal hook securely fits most air vent types, while the anti-overtightening mechanism protects vent blades during installation.

360-Degree Rotation for Easy Adjustments: Adjust your viewing angle effortlessly with the rotatable ball joint. Simple and quick one-step phone placement enhances driving safety.

Universal Phone Compatibility: Directly mounts iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12 series, and MagSafe cases. Also fits non-magnetic phones and standard cases with provided metal rings.

Signal-Friendly Circular Design: The circular design of the vent mount ensures uninterrupted signal reception and maintains optimal airflow for cooling.

Package Contents: Includes 1 SYNCWIRE MagSafe Car Vent Phone Holder, 2 Metal Rings (White & Black), User Guide, Warranty Card, and 24-hour customer service support.

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Color: Black (Carbon Fiber)

Why Choose Syncwire

Enjoy Stable Drive Experience

Optimal Magnetic Balance

Precision magnetic attraction steadfast all the way


MagSafe Ring/Cases Compatible



Car Air Vent

Installation Type



All smartphones

Other display features


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about product queries here, you can also contact us directly through the online window or contact our support

Is the MagSafe Car Mount with all iPhone models?

It's directly compatible with iPhone 13-15 series using MagSafe technology. For iPhone 11-12, it's compatible when using MagSafe cases or the included metal rings.

What materials are used of the SYNCWIRE Car Mount?

The mount is crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant plastic and an extended metal hook for enhanced stability, featuring a sleek metallic finish for added elegance.

Can the Car Mount fit all types of car air vents?

Yes, the durable metal hook is designed to securely fit most air vent types, and the safe clamp design prevents overtightening and protects vent blades during installation.

What is included in the MagSafe Car Mount package?

The package contains 1 SYNCWIRE MagSafe Car Vent Phone Holder, 2 Metal Rings (White & Black), a User Guide, a Warranty Card, and 24-hour customer service support.

How do I install the MagSafe Car Mount in my car?

The installation process is straightforward: attach the metal hook to your air vent, place the metal ring on your non-MagSafe phone or case, and then secure your phone to the magnetic mount.

Is the Car Mount safe to use with a phone that has wireless charging capabilities?

Yes, it's safe for phones with wireless charging. However, the metal ring should be placed in a way that doesn't interfere with the charging coil to ensure proper wireless charging functionality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews

Si tratta di un supporto per cellulare da auto. Si attacca alle alette delle bocchette di areazione grazie a un sistema regolabile dotato di gancio. Questo lo rende adattabile a molte situazioni diverse e rende l'attacco stabile. A differenza dei classici attacchi a pinza, che traballano e dopo un po' non tengono più, questo attacco a gancio è forte e non può staccarsi da solo. Il telefono è mantenuto in posizione da un magnete molto forte che rende il tutto molto stabile. Se avete un telefono con il sistema MagSafe, potete utilizzarlo direttamente, in alternativa, nella confezione sono presenti due anelli magnetici autoadesivi da attaccare al lato posteriore del telefono/cover o da inserire tra telefono e cover, che garantiscono l'adesione al magnete del supporto.
Ho trovato questo supporto molto ben fatto a molto utile, non vibra e non cade. Sembra abbia una tenuta molto sicura sia sulle alette delle bocchette di areazione, sia sul telefono.

Happy with this purchase

Great stand, easy to install and grips the phone very well.
Used with iPhone 15 pro max and otterbox symmetry MagSafe case with no extra magnet stickers

Davide B.

Supporto magnetico MagSafe da applicare alle bocchette di areazione.
Nella confezione troviamo il supporto e un anello di metallo da applicare al telefono in caso quest’ultimo non sia dotato di tecnologia MagSafe.
Il supporto si differisce dagli altri per la modalità di aggancio: è molto più stabile e sicuro dei concorrenti in quanto è dotato di un “uncino” di metallo che va a serrare il supporto (ruotando la ghiera l’uncino si ritrae) direttamente all’aletta di ventilazione. Quindi senza ruotare la ghiera sarà praticamente impossibile staccare fisicamente il supporto dalla griglia. Altri prodotti utilizzano delle molle o dei supporti in gomma che porterebbero cedere su strade sconnesse. Questo adattatore è stabilissimo.
L’unica nota è che purtroppo non si adatta a tutte le griglie: su quelle che non hanno le alette orizzontali sottili (stile Mercedes) sarà impossibile utilizzare il supporto.
Se avete le griglie orizzontali e cercate un supporto magnetico, questo è sicuramente quello da prendere.

Simple and Easy to Use, Use caution when dismounting

This MagSafe car vent phone mount offers sturdy magnetic adhesion for those devices equipped with wireless charging. The magnetic attachment is affixed to a plastic adjustable mount that hooks onto your vehicle's air vent. This hook extends and retracts to accommodate your vehicle's vent tab width.

Occasionally, car vibrations, bumps, and frequent turns require resetting or tightening the mount. It's a simple, no-frills tool that provides a mount for your device during navigation and hands-free talk. If you Uber, Instacart, or Doordash, this mount serves as a useful tool.

Be careful when dismounting your device too quickly from the mount since this can break a vent tab during forceful removal.

Damon S.

The media could not be loaded. This is a perfect small profile magnetic phone mount. It's well thought out, simple and sweet! If you don't own a magnetic phone case, this mount comes with two magnetic attachment plates that should be able to find a home on you phone case. The build quality is A+. Abandon all of those other mounts and simplify your driving life. This type of mount is so much safer to use than the scissor mounts or the slide in mounts. I will never use any other type of mount unless they come out with something better.


This is an easy to use and effective phone mount. My phone case has MagSafe magnets, but the mount comes with a magnetic circle if you need one. I mounted it in my '21 Ram on the driver side center vent for use with my iPhone 13 Pro Max. It barely fit with a vertical orientation. Once locked down and firmly tightened, it didn't need to be adjusted further. The magnet holds strong and so does the angle. My truck has a holder for phones, but it low down and not easily accessible. Having your phone where you can see and reach it easily is a great convenience. It does block the vent, but the phone stays cool and the air can still get to you indirectly. I just wish it had a charger built it.

Tim F
5 �

Easy to instalation

M. Palomino
No More iPhone Outages in the Summer

I am currently using a windshield holder for my iPhone and suffer from the Too Hot iPhone in the Summer. Losing navigation at just the wrong time was getting old. I am sure I am not the only one that suffers from this issue. I was in search of a better option and came across the SYNCWIRE MagSafe Car Mount and after using it a few times, I love it.

The SYNCWIRE MagSafe Car Mount keeps my phone stable for viewing and is set in a safer location. My cars AC vent now keeps my iPhone cool and my iPhone no longer blocks part of my windshield.

Based on my personal experience and product review, I am giving the SYNCWIRE MagSafe Car Mount a 5-star rating. Safe, secure, and simple to install.

Clips in vent easily, sturdy

The media could not be loaded. This is a vent mounted MagSafe compatible phone holder. It has a cool hook design that reaches around the bac of a vent slat and then when a ring is turned it squeezes and snuggly holds in place. The face of it is a pivoting magnetic ring that securely holds a MagSafe compatible phone or case.

Sturdy and strong

Strong and well made car mount ! Hangs well and tight and magnet super strong ! I sticker the ring that came with it on the phone case and it perfectly hold my phone still !
Absolutely recommend