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What Kind of Waterproof Bag Is Suitable For Snorkeling?

What Kind of Waterproof Bag Is Suitable For Snorkeling?

For snorkeling, you'll want a waterproof bag that is not only watertight but also submersible, as it may be fully submerged during your snorkeling adventure. Here are some key features to look for in a suitable waterproof bag for snorkeling:

1. IPX Rating

Look for a bag that has at least an IPX8 rating, which means it can withstand submersion in water beyond 1 meter.

2. Clear Window

A clear window is helpful so you can see your items inside the bag, and also use your phone's touchscreen without taking it out of the bag.

3. Floatability

Some waterproof bags are designed to float, which can prevent your belongings from sinking if you accidentally drop the bag.

4. Durable Material

The bag should be made of tough, puncture-resistant material to withstand the underwater environment and potential contact with sharp objects.

5. Size and Capacity

The bag should be large enough to hold your essentials, such as your phone, keys, and wallet, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome while swimming.

6. Seal Type

A roll-top seal with a Velcro or buckle closure tends to be more reliable for keeping water out than zipper seals.

7. Adjustable Strap

An adjustable strap can be very useful so you can wear the bag comfortably around your neck or shoulder while snorkeling.

Some popular waterproof bag brands that are suitable for snorkeling include JOTO, Mpow, and Syncwire.


Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch


  • Suitable for almost all cell phones up to 7 inches, or cash, credit cards, passport, etc. The waterproof phone pouch is your great partner for the beach and most water activities.


  • IPX8 waterproof rating. The maximum waterproof protection it can perform is up to 100 ft /30 meters deep in the water.


  • The snap and lock access design not only ensures a perfect seal that keeps out the water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt. But also really easy to operate.


  • High-quality soft TPU material is applied for your normal use of screen touch, camera.


Always test the waterproof bag before use by putting a paper towel inside, sealing it, and submerging it in water to check for leaks.

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